Para Phenylenediamine Environment

Well-fare of the society and safe-guarding lives from any harm by not polluting the environment is our corporate strategy. We are indebted to nature for its benevolence and in return we strive to offer the best to it by adhering to the guidelines of the State Pollution Control Board.

Since the production of our products such as Para Phenylenediamine, Ortho amino phenol, 5-amino ortho cresol and 6-chloro 4-nitro amino phenol (6C4NAP) are potentially hazardous to the environment because of the highly polluting effluent, we ascertain that the effluent are properly treated and appropriately disposed ensuring they do not contaminate soil or water.

We believe that morality in business defines the company as much as the growth and profit does. We deliver a healthy as well as nontoxic place of work by working in a responsible manner.