At our company, we rigidly focus on the quality while the formulating our products, right from the obtaining of the basic chemicals till the packaging of the ultimate products. Quality Assurance (QA), as well as Quality Control (QC), is two separate methods we employ to guarantee the quality of our final products

Our para phenylenediamine products are enormously selected in the Local as well as Global market over our competitor’s produces. This is for the reason that we formulate our products precisely with high uniformity. Quality is a very significant characteristic to us.

Our production methods are implemented under the supervision of our competent professionals and are made assured that they are in acquiescence with the industrial standards. Subsequently our products such as 2-nitro para phenylenediamine (2NPPD) and 4-nitro Meta phenylene diamine (4NMPD) offer very accurate preparation of dyes and tints when processed appropriately.